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Aims of training

This bachelor program in International Economics is to train the university-level human resource with knowledge, steady professional skills, ethics and good attitudes, and good health to participate in, implement and manage the activities, projects in the field of International Economic, having capacity to do research in economics – business - investment and related policy analysis.

Output standards

1.1. Output standard of knowledge

- General education knowledge: Understanding the knowledge of natural and social sciences, the knowledge of physical education as well as defense and security, the Basic Principles of Marxism-Leninism, the pathway of Vietnamese Communist Party and Ho Chi Minh Ideology.

- Foundation knowledge of the major group: Explaining the foundation knowledge of economics, the basic principles of accounting, the legal aspect of business and the basic knowledge about business administration; ability in applying the knowledge of natural and social science as well as information technology to do research about economic problems.

- Foundation knowledge of the major: Applying the knowledge of monetary – finance and the related institutions to analyze characteristics of the economic environment and modern financial system; applying knowledge of the basic characteristics and functions of the government in intervening and regulating the economy; knowledge of basic aspects of finance, business and investment of enterprises; using English in researching about economic problems.

- Knowledge of the major: analysing the economic relations between countries, between many markets and the global economy; analysing the economic activities and policy effectiveness in the open economic environment; analysing the nature and characteristics of factors affecting business and investment in the global economy and comparing the options of making decision in the international business and investment.

- The specialized knowledge of International Economics: Applying the knowledge of practicing foreign trade business; analysing options of making investment decision, evaluating effectiveness of international investment plans; analysing development strategies, institutional structure, specific investment environment of developing countries and emerging market economies; applying the knowledge of managing international business and investment.

- Practical and graduated knowledge: Analysing and evaluating specific situations in the practical environment of units in the internship and in the international economis field.

1.2. Standard skills of output:

- Personal skills and qualities: skills in analyzing and solving problems; experimenting and exploring the knowledge; thinking systematically and creatively; being patient and flexible, passionate to research and study new knowledge, know how to manage resources and time; showing professional ethics (honesty, responsibility, integrity), having professional attitudes and behaviors which are suitable to international rule, being proactive to plan the career, updating professional information proactively.

- Teamwork skill

- Communication skill

- Skill in using English

- Skill for applying knowledge to benefit the society

Career opportunities

Being graduated in International Economics major, students have qualities and abilities that are suitable to following positions: specialists in analyzing, planning, consulting or researching about economics - business - investment with international factors in companies, financial institutions, professional education institutions, and public administrations.

The knowledge and skills of students graduated in International Economics major are well-suited to the environment of import-export business, multinational corporations, international investment funds, international projects, an international research center, a division responsible for socio-economic management and international economic relations at state management agencies.

Students who are graduated in International Economic major, besides being able to actively participate in the process of global economic integration, also have the possibility to do further research and study postgraduate programs, especially International Economics, International Business or Economic Investment programs.

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