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 Message from the head of the faculty

Welcome to International Economics Faculty,

University of Banking HCMC!

The first row from the left: Thuy Dung, Hai Anh, Thu Huong, Hien, Thuong, Phuong Chi, Hanh, Thanh Nga, Hoa, Tuyet Trinh, Thieu Dao, Mai Uoc, Si Dong, Tung, Xuan Dao, Thuy Ai, Thanh Thuy, Linh Dan, Tuong Vi, Hoang Oanh, Quang Loc, Thanh Minh, Xuan Truong, Tuan

Second row from left: Manh Kien, Trung Buu, Trung Nhan, Minh Sang, Hoang Long

International Economics Faculty was established by Decision No. 376 / QĐ-ĐHNH dated 01/04/2014 by the Rector of Banking University in Ho Chi Minh City and started its program in the school year 2014-2015. Faculty has 1 associate professor, 7 PhDs, 7 PhD students and 16 masters, most graduated from foreign programs (Monash - Australia, Asia University - Taiwan, ESCP Europe - France), binder programs (Fulbright, Vietnam - Netherlands Master program), high quality programs. In addition, the Faculty also invites lecturers, experts from reputable universities, organizations, enterprises to teach students, especially in soft skills.

Do you have the dream of working in a dynamic, professional environment in multinational companies? Do you have the interest to study in-depth issues in international trade, international finance, international investment or international business? Our major in International Economics is a good option for you. As a student of International Economics Faculty, you will be equipped with specialized knowledge such as International Economics, International Finance, International Business, International Business Strategy, International Investment, International Project Management. With open-minded knowledge, the content of the courses is designed with flexibility, updated content according to the trend of training programs in many prestigious universities all over the world. At the same time, in order to ensure a balance between academic knowledge and practical career requirements, you will be able to take intensive elective courses to increase your adaptability in the changing international economic environment, knowledge and skills that are cross-sectoral and highly practical, such as e-commerce, communication skills (especially English communication) are also incorporated into the elective courses in the curriculum.

Graduated from the major of International Economics, your career opportunities are very promising. You can find a worthy position at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Trade Promotion Agency, Office for Foreign Investment Management, import-export companies, international logistics companies, international clearing department in multinational companies ... In addition, after graduation, you also have the ability to do research, study postgraduate programs, teach and work at research institutions, training centers, colleges, universities, institutes in Vietnam or abroad.

The Faculty will soon develop in the direction of opening training programs according to international JEL classification, which focuses on using English textbooks and English reference materials in education, improving cooperation and academic exchange between domestic and foreign universities that has International Economics major.

With youth, enthusiasm, spirit of solidarity; with the contribution of intelligent and talented students, International Economics Faculty is committed to create a transparent, fair and international environment for lecturers and students to create trends and success.

On behalf of International Economics Faculty
Head of International Economics Faculty



International Economics Faculty



    Floor 2, Center Building, 56 Hoang Dieu st, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc city, HoChiMinh city

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