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Congratulations on Lan's graduation!

Congratulations on Lan's graduation! She is a marvellous example of youth with ambitions. Today, let’s congratulate her for the incredible accomplishments throughout her years of study at HUB.

Among many good students, she has always been one of the most outstanding students from the International Economics Faculty (IEF). Her leadership skills and organizational abilities  enabled her to contribute positively to many activities in the students’ Union - Association - Club. While being a key member of the Standing Committee of IEF in 2021-2022, Thu Lan participated in many volunteer programs, activities and also contributed to many other collectives as the former Vice Head of Finance - Human Resources Department of IEF Youth Union and a member of the Executive Committee of IEF Youth Union in 2020-2021. She was also in charge of 3 affiliated clubs (IEC, IBEC, ICC). She took part in many large and small programs in the Faculty Youth Union from 2019 to 2020, one of which was the Welcome New Students Program - Dream High for Course 37 in the position of the Head Organiser.

 With her remarkable and quick learning ability, effective problem-solving skills, and far-sighted vision, she gained many impressive academic achievements by marking 8.60 GPA of the whole program, winning the encourage - learning scholarship for the second semester of the academic year 2019-2020 and KEB HANA Scholarship for 2 consecutive years 2021, 2022. She has always been a diligent, curious learner and always willing to share all knowledge with her classmates. In addition, Lan also received a commendation as an Outstanding Youth Union member in the academic year 2020-2021 and named as the Student of 5 Merits at School Level in 2021-2022.

Her own achievements in studying and working at the Faculty helped Lan gain a lot of valuable experience to develop her career after graduation. Now coming to the challenging world, she becomes an excellent candidate and has a successful career after graduation. Her relentless efforts and strong sense of responsibility help her be awarded countless remarkable compliments and be seen as an aspiration for other students.

 On this momentous day, we want to send Lan the warmest congratulations and best wishes for her future. We hope that with her perseverance, diligence, and unwavering efforts, she will continue to achieve even greater success in the future. We also hope that the moral values and knowledge she has gained will shine and bring significant benefits to the society.

Once again, congratulations on Lan's graduation, and we want to acknowledge her excellent contributions to the International Economics Faculty during her study time! ☘️☘️☘️

In 2019, the 6th contest “Me-The future lawyer” was organized by Faculty of Law – University of Economic and Law. For the purpose of creating a dramatic playground, is experienced the role of a lawyer, is applied the law for the specific cases which is controversied at the present. The contest is closed with the more excellent contests section, gived more emotional the examiners and the viewers.

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